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Survival Skills Offer

24 Nov , 2017,
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So if you are on Facebook look this blokes page up he is a wealth of knowledge and is more than happy to share it in a way that is welcomed and a rarity in this self-opinionated ego-driven world.
Don’t forget to download his e-book link is down the page.
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*** COMMENT *** 2900 and counting – FREE DOWNLOAD
It doesn’t seem that long ago that I wrote that the Survival Skills Facebook page was approaching 2000 likes but our community continues to grow and grow and we’re fast approaching the next milestone of 3000 likes.

That’s a pretty impressive figure, so I’m going to take the opportunity to welcome the 900 new ‘likes’ and to offer many thanks to all of you who support my page.

As a mark of appreciation, here’s a download link to the Survival Skills FREE GUIDE “Motorcycle Accident Top 10”.

It’s a short ebook all about how to recognise the situations that catch riders out, and how to avoid getting caught out.

No log-ins, no passwords… just click, download, read and keep!

It would be great if we can top the 3000 mark before Christmas, so if you have biking buddies that you think would enjoy the page and the free download please recommend it to them.