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It’s A Fine Line Motorcycle Safety – Target Zero

22 Jun , 2016,
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This is just one thing that is happening in the USA motorcycle scene. We are an inclusive community of motorcycle riders advocating one common mission..Our goal – of zero deaths and serious injuries in 2030 – is about the “one”…the individual. It’s about the Washington State Trooper struck by a truck. It’s about the child who went through the front window of a car because she wasn’t buckled in. It’s about the recent high school graduate who left the road and hit a tree. It’s about our colleagues, friends and family. How many of them are we okay with being killed or seriously injured in a crash? The answer is obvious: zero. So our goal, for every citizen the state of Washington, is zero. Learn more at

There are a heap of informative videos on this site. We hope you enjoy and learn something from this information.

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