Road Rules

1Road Rules

Road Rules are being updated often, so it pays to keep yourself up to date and to refer to the road rules because as a road user it is our responsibility to keep up to date on the rules.

In early 2015 there will be some changes and additions regarding Helmets 270, Road Rule 271, Lane Filtering. Please remember until these changes are legislated your are required to obey the road rules as they stand now.

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Lane Filtering and the Interpretation of “safe to do so”

QTMR New Road Rules Changes

Motorcycle Road Rules, Lane Filtering, Riding on Shoulders, Motorcycle Control, Pillion Passengers, Motorcycle Helmets, Bicycle Storage Areas.

Queensland Road Rules Overview, Changes, Refresher.

Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 2009 Current as of 1st October 2014

NEW QLD Road Rule 271 Helmets and Filtering Commencement of this regulation commences on 1 February 2015.

Children as Pillion Passengers Children must be at least eight years old and their feet must be able to reach the passenger footrests while seated. Failure to observe to this rule will result in $157 fine. Additional rules that apply to any passenger on a motorcycle include –READ MORE HERE

MYTH BUSTERS Here a some road rule myths that have been busted, this has been put together by the QPS Bundaberg please, keep checking back as the Myth Busters are always being updated. CLICK HERE.