Motorcycle Parking


Motorcycle Parking

There has been for a long time a lack of Motorcycle Parking, well it seems that Council has listened to what the MRAQ have been asking for and are wanting and are endeavoring to install more parking for us.



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Inner city motorcycle parking

Motorcycles and scooters are a popular transport choice for commuters travelling to Brisbane’s inner city. Council is installing 400 new motorcycle parking spaces over four years from 2012 to 2016 to help cater for the extra demand.

CBD motorcycle parking locations

Motorcycle parking maps

To help plan your next journey into Brisbane’s inner city, make sure you know where you can park your motorcycle or scooter using the map or list below:

Motorcycle parking changes

Motorcycle parking at 1 William Street has been removed due to the construction of the Queensland Government Treasury Building. To cater for this loss, Council has installed parking at the following locations:

  • Alice Street: between George and William Street
  • Alice Street: between Albert and George Street
  • William Street: between Margaret Street and Alice Street

Interstate Parking

A complete DIRECTORY of (almost) everything motorcycle Australia wide

Parking tips

Motorcycle and scooter parking spaces are provided in Brisbane’s inner city to allow you to park at a cheaper rate than parking in normal car spaces. If you park your motorcycle in a normal car park you must pay the full meter fee for cars.

When choosing where to park your motorcycle or scooter, make sure you check if the parking has:

  • time restrictions – parking in the inner city varies from one hour to unlimited
  • meter fees –  some on-road motorcycle parking is metered

Please be considerate to pedestrians and fellow riders by following these simple parking guidelines:

  • only park within signed parking areas
  • park your motorcycle or scooter with the rear wheel in first
  • only one motorcycle or scooter per marked space
  • if the bay is full, find an alternative parking space. Do not block other motorcycles in
  • dismount or walk your motorcycle or scooter while you are on the footpath

For more information on Queensland’s motorcycle and road rules, visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Queensland Road Rules.