Motorcycle Licensing & Registration

Motorcycle Licensing

Here are a list of rider trainers the MRAQ have compiled we are not stating or recommending these trainers, the MRAQ  have compiled this list for your convenience and to be able to come back to this list whenever you need to.

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Motorcycle licence and engine size rules

Safety boost for motorcycle licensing system. Changes announced to Qld Motorcycle Licensing.

MRAQ has been part of the motorcycle licensing review here is what the MRAQ recommended read here MRAQ license review submission Aug 2015

Occasionally there are changes in the licensing system we will update information when it comes about.

ridingmotorcycle  Motorcycle licence and engine size rule  Find out about motorcycle licence types and engine size rules for different licence classes.

learnerlicenceplaterider   Learner approved motorcycles (LAM Scheme) Find out what motorcycles you can ride on a class RE motorcycle licence.

motorcycleK Getting your motorcycle licence

pillionpassenger Pillion passenger rules for motorcycles

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Motorcycle Modification Single Seat Registration

What  you need to do yes you as you no longer need to take your bike for an inspection for this modification.
A motorbike owner who wants to change the seating capacity of their vehicle can do so without needed to see an Approved Person.
The technical requirements about seat length and pillion foot provisions still apply and must be followed. These can be found in the LL section of the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification. NCOP for Light Vehicles and Modifications

Minor amendment to the Queensland Code of Practice – Vehicle Modifications (QCOP)- Commenced 1 April 2015
To reduce repetition for Approved Persons when certifying a modification, the ‘certifications details’ table has now been removed from the QCOP checklists. As this information is already captured on the Modification Certificate, it is not required to be recorded on the checklist. However, to ensure the checklist can be linked to the Modification Certificate, an additional row has been added to capture the Modification Certificate number. Click Here
The revised Code of Practice Vehicle Inspection Guidelines April 2016 is available for download.

Form for minor Modifications. This form is what you need to fill out and take to main roads office, Change of Vehicle Particulars Notification.