ADR & Code of Practice

A brief explanation of the ADR’s can be read here just click AUSTRALIAN DESIGN RULES.

Some additional ADR information for 

Code of Practice Vehicle Inspection Guidelines April 2016

Width of Vehicle

ADR 57 Handlebars

ADR 19 Indicators (2)-1

ADR 47 Mirrors-1

Motorcycle & Sidecar.

 Mudguards ADR 42/04


If members or the public are unsure of the legality of a modification, they can contact the Vehicle Standards and Modification Advice team:

Australian Design Rule Development Program and Public Comment

Code of Practice

It is suggested to make this process of changes to the Code of Practice as transparent as possible, Transport and Main Roads will post information about any upcoming changes to the vehicle standards on this page on the 1st of each month.

Vehicle standards notifications
Minor amendment to the Code of Practice Commenced 1 May 2015.  The Vehicle Inspection Guidelines have been updated to include:
Section 6.10 Handlebar dimensions has been changed to read here:-Vehicle standards notifications

Unrestricted Used Motorcycles

The Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme allows the importation of L-group used vehicles with no restriction on the number of vehicles that may be imported and plated.

Two-wheel and three-wheeled vehicles supplied under these arrangements must comply with all Australian Design Rule requirements in force for new vehicles of that type at the date on which each vehicle is fitted with a Used Import Plate. Unlike SEVS eligible motorcycles, no concessional methods for demonstrating compliance with the ADRs are permitted.                                           Read More Here

If after reading all this you need more info please contact us by emailing the MRAQ Secretary