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Survival Skills Offer

24 Nov , 2017,
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So if you are on Facebook look this blokes page up he is a wealth of knowledge and is more than happy to share it in a way that is welcomed and a rarity in this self-opinionated ego-driven world.
Don’t forget to download his e-book link is down the page.
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MRAQ WebAdminSurvival Skills

*** COMMENT *** 2900 and counting – FREE DOWNLOAD
It doesn’t seem that long ago that I wrote that the Survival Skills Facebook page was approaching 2000 likes but our community continues to grow and grow and we’re fast approaching the next milestone of 3000 likes.

That’s a pretty impressive figure, so I’m going to take the opportunity to welcome the 900 new ‘likes’ and to offer many thanks to all of you who support my page.

As a mark of appreciation, here’s a download link to the Survival Skills FREE GUIDE “Motorcycle Accident Top 10”.

It’s a short ebook all about how to recognise the situations that catch riders out, and how to avoid getting caught out.

No log-ins, no passwords… just click, download, read and keep!

It would be great if we can top the 3000 mark before Christmas, so if you have biking buddies that you think would enjoy the page and the free download please recommend it to them.

LNP promises paramedic bikers for Queensland

17 Nov , 2017,
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LNP promises paramedic bikers for Queensland

Motorcycle-riding paramedics, dubbed RAAMBOs, would ride south-east Queensland streets under an LNP government.

The policy, aimed at cutting response times in congested areas, was labelled misguided and potentially dangerous by the paramedics’ heavily pro-Labor union but cautiously welcomed by a leading emergency services researcher.

It would see the bikes return to the state for the first time since a trial on the Gold Coast was discontinued in the early 2000s and follow on from the recent introduction of bicycle paramedics for the Commonwealth Games.

Seven bikes and 12 trained paramedics would be included in the initial rollout promised by mid-2018, with the possibility of a statewide rollout to follow.

“These motorcycle paramedics will be ready to respond to any emergency with similar equipment to that carried in ambulances, including defibrillators for cardiac arrests,” LNP leader Tim Nicholls said.

“Mobile paramedics play a very important role in gaining vital minutes for patients where crippling traffic congestion and access are problems.

“This dedicated unit will cut response times and help save lives in some of our busiest regions.”

Labor was yet to commit any extra funding towards the Queensland Ambulance Service in the election campaign.

A spokesman for the United Voice union, which had donated more than $300,000 to the ALP by early October, welcomed the extra resources but said they would be better directed toward traditional ambulances.

“It might be a little bit faster but there’s a huge risk associated with us (riding bikes),” he said.

“I guess the big difference between us and say a police officer on a motorbike is the amount of gear that we carry is significantly higher and then obviously trying to maintain the fairly significant training course just to ride a motorcycle lights and sirens through trucks and traffic.”

LNP health spokesman John-Paul Langbroek said motorcycle paramedics had been “extremely successful” in New South Wales, Victoria, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Central Queensland University professor Brian Maguire said there was no research on the safety impacts of motorcycle paramedics but they could improve response times in congested areas.

Any implementation should be evaluated, he said.

The new paramedics would be called Rapid Action Ambulance Mobile Bike Officers (RAAMBOs)

MRAQ Annual Report

10 Nov , 2017,
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MRAQ Annual Report for 2016 to 2017 as you may be aware we send this to our membership first and then post it here. To all that support and have supported the MRAQ over the years, we appreciate it immensely, and couldn’t do this voluntary work without your support. We at the MRAQ take our position within motorcycle advocacy very seriously when working for you, the riders…..

The Annual Report is attached again that you the rider, for your support.

MRAQ Presidents Report 2016-2017