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Changing driving laws to support automated vehicles

8 Oct , 2017,
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The purpose of this project is to develop legislative reform options to:
clarify the application of current driver and driving laws to automated vehicles
establish legal obligations for automated driving system (ADS) entities.

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National Transport Commission has released a discussion paper seeking feedback from transport agencies, police, industry, and other interested parties on how Australian governments should amend driver laws to facilitate the introduction of automated vehicles.

The paper raises 14 questions relating to current driver laws. The key question is:

should driving laws change to allow an automated driving system (ADS) to drive—rather than a human—and ensure that an entity is responsible for the actions of the vehicle when the ADS is driving?

The NTC is seeking feedback on options to reform laws to achieve this and other issues that arise if the ADS is legally permitted to drive.

Consultation closes on Friday 24 November 2017.

For more information on how to make a submission, refer to the ‘Get Involved’ section below.

Feedback from consultation will be used to develop reform options for the Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting in May 2018.

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How’s your roadcraft?

Oct , 2017,
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Check out the 6 part series into all manner of motorcycling skills and please ride well…

When you’re riding a bike on the open road, you’re about as vulnerable as it gets. Roadcraft is a vital part of your skill set and fundamental to developing your sixth sense as a rider.

AMC backs motorcycle protective clothing research

3 Oct , 2017,
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Australian Motorcycle Council welcomes ratings system for protective clothing

Motorcyclists around Australia and New Zealand will soon have access to more information about the safety of protective clothing with the formation of a working group and commencement of a pilot program at Deakin University.

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