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MRAQ Update about what has been happening.

31 May , 2017,
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The MRAQ would like to thank the Queensland Minister for Transport Mark Bailey for making time is his busy schedule to arrange a meeting with himself and other department heads to discuss our concerns on the matters of finalising the last item in the revised helmet rules, improved clarification of side filtering, possible alteration to allow some provisional riders to filter and an improved access to road data.
The Association is continually working on behalf all Queensland riders and trusts that the arguments put forward will bring about beneficial improvements.
Further updates on these and other matters will be notified as they progress.
Motorcycle Riders’ Association of Queensland

SMART Rider Program to help you improve your on-road skills within the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

11 May , 2017,
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Whether you ride by yourself or with a group of friends, motorcycling should be fun.

But too many riders are being hurt on our roads, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many more have close calls and some just don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to enjoy their riding experience.

Good riders constantly work to improve their skills. They’re also able to spot risks on the road before they become a problem.

That’s why Motorcycle Life, together with the Australian Road Safety Foundation, has created the SMART Rider Program to help you improve your on-road skills within the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

The SMART Rider Program will help you to identify risks, give you strategies to avoid them and to make better decisions on the road.

Decisions that will make your riding far more enjoyable … and help to keep you safe.

And with improved skills and better decisions, you will also find that your confidence in dealing with situations on the road is better as well.

Whether you’ve been riding for a while, you’re just new or coming back to riding after a long break, the SMART Rider Program will help you to be a better rider.

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