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QLD is a step closer to filtering.

14 Jul , 2014,
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In the wake of the strong response to QLD’s Motorcycle discussion paper, QLD Minister Scott Emerson seems to be favourable towards motorcycle filtering and a change to both the road rules and helmet laws. Well done to MRAQ for their role in this outcome! Well done to those who took the time to respond.

For those that are wondering what the big deal is about the latter items, it’s currently illegal to stretch your leg/s on a motorcycle. It’s also illegal to wear the world’s best and safest helmets if they haven’t been through the expensive local approval processes. VMC has made local submissions on both topics as part of an Australian Motorcycle Council nationally coordinated strategy. Stay tuned.

Thousands respond to motorcycle discussion paper.

Created: 12 July 2014

Thousands of motorists have had their say about proposed changes to Queensland road rules for motorcycle riders.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said more than 9000 responses were received on the motorcycle discussion paper which went live on May 22.

“There has been an overwhelming response to the proposed changes that aims to ease congestion on our roads and make it easier for motorcyclists to ride,” Mr Emerson said.

“Overall the responses contained very positive and helpful feedback, with most motorists in support of the proposed changes.

“The main topics for the discussion paper included lane filtering, helmet standards and how a rider should control their motorcycle.”

Results from the survey that closed on July 3 indicated:

=90 per cent of people were in favour of lane filtering
=75 per cent of people in favour of removing restrictions on where a ride must put their hands and feet
=more than 70 per cent of people in favour of expanding helmet standards.

Mr Emerson said the huge response rate is indicative of the growing popularity of recreational motorcyclists with latest statistics showing 186,193 motorbikes were registered at 31 May this year compared with 178,789 motorbikes as at 31 May 2013.

Responses will now undergo an evaluation period to help with decision making on the road rules.

Transport and Main Roads will also consult with the New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services on the results of their trial conducted on lane filtering which led to amended legislation.