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Casual riders complain of harassment

13 Nov , 2013,
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The state opposition says the public is entitled to question the heavy-handed approach of police to recreational motorcyclists.On Friday, Opposition police spokesman Bill Byrne received 10,000 signatures on a petition from casual motorcyclists complaining about harassment by police cracking down on outlaw motorcycle cycle gangs.”The government members and the ministers who spoke on the bill strongly indicated that this was going to be targeting only those who were identified through various intelligence apparatus as being outlaw gang members,’’ Mr Byrne said.‘‘Clearly that is not the case.’’He defended the opposition’s position in voting for the anti-bike legislation and put the question back to the government.

‘‘The reality is they have done nothing but sit on their hands for 18 months,’’ he said.

‘‘Before this latest episode (Broadbeach skirmish), the premier was talking about motorcycle colours being something akin to a football jersey.’’

Mr Byrne said it was clear the legislation was rushed and Labor would have preferred the legislation be debated through parliament’s committee process.

‘‘We would have had the opinions of the judiciary, the bar association, the Law Society and everyone else who has an informed view of this legislation who would have made submissions.’’

The petition was started almost a month ago by motorbike blogger, Mark Hinchliffe, who said casual bike riders were still being harassed by police.

He said casual motorbike riders had little faith in the talks yesterday.

‘‘We are just happy about this,’’ Mr Hinchliffe said.

‘‘We are not political animals, but we are getting angrier and angrier and angrier,’’ he said.

‘‘I had one woman complain to me yesterday that on her way home from Booval to at 11pm on a sports bike – a female – was stopped three times, three times she was asked to pull over.

‘‘Three times she was asked if she was a member of an outlaw gang.

‘‘Can we see your tattoos, take your jacket off.

‘‘It’s just ludicrous. You wouldn’t stand for it, and I’m not standing for it either!

He compared the new laws’ impact on innocent riders to the Nazi’s treatment of the Jewish people.

“Now they want us to ring them up when we want to go for a ride?” he said.

“Are we going to have to wear a Star of David on our chests?”

The Star of David is an internationally-recognized symbol of Jewish identity.

Recreational riders furious over bikie war.

1 Nov , 2013,
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MOTORCYCLISTS have compared the way the Queensland government’s anti-bikie laws have impacted on innocent riders to the Nazi’s treatment of the Jewish people.The Queensland opposition has been handed a petition carrying the signatures of 10,000 people who are furious about the crackdown’s impact on innocent riders.

Petition organiser and journalist Mark Hinchcliffe says ordinary motorcyclists with no links to bikies are being unreasonably targeted by police.

He says one woman was stopped three times on her sports bike on her way home, and was asked if she was a bikie and directed to reveal any tattoos she had.

“We are not political animals but we are getting angrier and angrier and angrier,” he told reporters on Friday.

“Every day they keep making up new rules. Now they want us to ring them up when we are going for a ride.

“We are going to have to wear a Star of David on our chests next, it is just ridiculous.”

Earlier this week, the government encouraged recreational groups to inform police when they were setting off on rides to avoid unnecessary police attention.

The petition urges the government to look again at the new bikie laws, which among other things ban criminal gang members from gathering in groups of three or more.

Opposition police spokesman Bill Byrne said it would be tabled at the earliest opportunity.

He conceded Labor MPs had voted for the laws, but said the Opposition had been forced to take the government at face value because of the speed the legislation went through parliament.

There was no opportunity to examine it in detail, he said.

“The government has not implemented this program as they stated they would in the chamber and I think that is a disgrace.”