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19 May , 2012,
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The MRAQ Committee would like to set the record straight about a newspaper article in the Courier Mail 5th May 2012 which contained incorrect information and makes outrageous inferences. The MRAQ is an independent stand alone Association that is a voice for all riders. The MRAQ is not and never will be influenced by any Clubs, Businesses or Organisations. The MRAQ is an independant organisation run by it’s members for the good of all motorcyclists and any other suggestion or inference otherwise is completely wrong. The person the paper states is the President of the MRAQ is NOT the President. The current President is Chris Mearns. Any inference that any club or organisation has or may have had influence over the Association is wrong. This article just shows the contempt journalists and their so called sources have for all riders. The inclusion of multiple stories in the one group further goes to demonstrate the general demonisation of motorcyclists. MRAQ members and motorcyclists in general deserve much better than this and the MRAQ committee will be demanding a retraction from this paper.

Signed MRAQ Committee.

What is happening in the MRAQ.

8 May , 2012,
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The MRAQ committee would like explain the current issues that are being targeted. The two main issues are proposals for 1) O% BAC for ALL motorcyclists, for which there is currently a study underway by Monash University on how to implement that is being funded by the Qld. Transport & Main Roads Dept. and 2) discussion on implementing a motorcycle specific levy. We have been contacted by people that have spoken and written to the Queensland Transport & Main Roads on these and other issues and QTMR’s response has been that there is nothing currently planned on these.

The QTMR through one of their committees are supposed to release a draft response in 2012 to the National Road Safety Plan 2012 – 2020 which they state will be followed by a consultation process with stakeholders to discuss the initiatives. This committee has the issues which concern us on their agenda.The MRAQ have attended meetings for the committee every 3 months when called, however QTMR have not had a meeting since November 2011 after cancelling the last meeting planned for February 2012 because of the Qld State election, even though they state they are not a political body. The MRAQ is now concerned that the proposals that were on the agenda as at the last meeting will be compiled into the response without any further discussion.We would like to state and insure you all we are, and need to be PROACTIVE on all issues concerning riders whether they are proposed laws or being discussed to be put forward as proposed law. The MRAQ is the VOICE FOR ALL RIDERS so we will hold these departments accountable for proposing sensible and workable safety initiatives for all riders not just expedient knee jerk responses.
Kind Regards
MRAQ Committee.

Executive positions filled.

7 May , 2012,
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MRAQ required at the March Meeting to fill the vacancy’s of President, Vice President and Membership Officer as the people holding these positions all resigned, these  positions were filled as votes were taken the positions are now filled the President  Chris Mearns, VP  Steve Clancy and Treasuer Stewart Stevenson.