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Queensland Motorcycle Safety Campaign Airs.

27 Jul , 2007,
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Transport Minister Hon Paul Lucas and Queensland Transport have released a motorcycle specific advertising campaign aimed at increasing awareness.

The campaign provides a simple message encouraging motorists and motorcycle riders to share the road. Riders are asked to keep in sight, while motorists are asked to do shoulder checks, look for riders in their rear vision mirrors and pay attention at intersections. The MRAQ along with other motorcycle safety stakeholders have been heavily involved in the development of this campaign and are delighted that it has aired. MRAQ President, Adrian Toscano said “A campaign targeting the issues of motorcycle riders has not been aired in Queensland since the 80’s and is long overdue. Queensland Transport have done an excellent job in the development of this campaign and ensured the messages are delivered in a positive and reassuring manner to both riders and drivers”.  “We have learnt from interstate campaigns that the largest road safety gains are made when all the stakeholders (ie drivers and riders) are simultaneously addressed and I sincerely hope that similar gains can be made here in Queensland with this campaign” Mr Toscano Said.

The campaign will include radio advertisements, billboards, TV advertisements, brochures and a new website aimed at informing riders and drivers alike about important issues. Riders and drivers can visit the new motorcycle safety website here.
The TV advertisement is also available for download from here.