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The Motorcycle Riders' Association of Queensland Inc.(MRAQ)is the official voice of Queensland's road riding motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, scooters and trikes communities. With more than 190,283 motorcycles and scooters now registered in Queensland, it is imperative that these people are being properly considered as a legitimate part of the transport mix.

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The Brisbane City Council has asked the MRAQ if we could contact all you riders out there for your help. Your help is needed in finding more places that could be turned into parking spots for motorcyclists. So we are asking for your experience with CBD parking and its surrounding areas. If you know any […]

27 Jan, 2018 WebAdmin

These are the deadliest times for traffic collisions according to this article.

Makes for some interesting reading, This is every road death since 1989 Road deaths are largely predictable and preventable — a fact public health experts have sought to underscore by discouraging use of the word “accident” when it comes to road crashes. Read Full Article Here

27 Jan, 2018 WebAdmin

Inattentional blindness: Why drivers may fail to see motorcycles in plain sight

The disproportionately high number of motorcycle-related traffic accidents may be linked to the way the human brain processes—or fails to process—information, according to new research published in Human Factors, “Allocating Attention to Detect Motorcycles: The Role of Inattentional Blindness.” The study examines how the phenomenon of inattentional blindness, or a person’s failure to notice an […]

7 Jan, 2018 WebAdmin

Antilock Braking System ABS and Controlled Braking System CBS for motorcycles.

Antilock Braking System ABS and Controlled Braking System CBS for motorcycles. The MRAQ has put together from factual information not here say nor quotes in regards to and pertaining to the implementation Antilock Braking System ABS and Controlled Braking System CBS for motorcycles. We hope you are able to follow the process Thank you for […]

14 Dec, 2017 WebAdmin

NEW Date for Freedom Ride 24th Feb 2018

Hi Everyone, After cancelling the ride due to inclement weather as we have a duty of care to you all, MRAQ is happy to bring you the new date, 24th Feb 2018. Riders please mark your calendars and save this date for the Motorcycle Riders Association (MRAQ) in association with Queensland Bikers are presenting the […]

13 Dec, 2017 WebAdmin

The new Australian motorcycle sales law that will ‘save hundreds’ of lives

The new regulation will require technologies such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and combined braking systems (CBS) to be a standard feature on motorcycles. New motorbikes sold in Australia will have to be fitted with advanced braking systems from late 2019, in a move hoped to save hundreds of lives. The Federal Government on Friday […]

1 Dec, 2017 WebAdmin

Police launch DayGlo bikes and gear

Queensland Police have today launched their new DayGlo yellow motorcycles and high-visibility motorcycle police jackets to “send a message”. In launching Operation Papa Guardian for the summer, Acting Deputy Commissioner Bob Gee says “high visibility on the road saves lives”. “We make no apology for being highly visible,” he said. DayGlo Queensland Police Top cops […]

1 Dec, 2017 WebAdmin

CARR-Q Motorcycle, Scooter and Moped Riders Survey

CARR-Q Motorcycle, Scooter and Moped Riders Survey CARR-Q are doing a survey about Motorcycle, Scooter and Moped riders primarily in Qld and would like your input. So if you click on this link https://research.qut.edu.au/carrsq/queensland-motorcycle-scooter-rider-survey/ and read through what is required and follow the links to do the survey. At the end of it you do have […]

1 Dec, 2017 WebAdmin

Survival Skills Offer

So if you are on Facebook look this blokes page up  https://www.facebook.com/SurvivalSkills/ he is a wealth of knowledge and is more than happy to share it in a way that is welcomed and a rarity in this self-opinionated ego-driven world. Don’t forget to download his e-book link is down the page. Kind Regards MRAQ WebAdminSurvival […]

24 Nov, 2017 WebAdmin

LNP promises paramedic bikers for Queensland

LNP promises paramedic bikers for Queensland Motorcycle-riding paramedics, dubbed RAAMBOs, would ride south-east Queensland streets under an LNP government. The policy, aimed at cutting response times in congested areas, was labelled misguided and potentially dangerous by the paramedics’ heavily pro-Labor union but cautiously welcomed by a leading emergency services researcher. It would see the bikes […]

17 Nov, 2017 WebAdmin

MRAQ Annual Report

MRAQ Annual Report for 2016 to 2017 as you may be aware we send this to our membership first and then post it here. To all that support and have supported the MRAQ over the years, we appreciate it immensely, and couldn’t do this voluntary work without your support. We at the MRAQ take our […]

10 Nov, 2017 WebAdmin

Changing driving laws to support automated vehicles

The purpose of this project is to develop legislative reform options to: clarify the application of current driver and driving laws to automated vehicles establish legal obligations for automated driving system (ADS) entities. Have your say National Transport Commission has released a discussion paper seeking feedback from transport agencies, police, industry, and other interested parties […]

8 Oct, 2017 WebAdmin

How’s your roadcraft?

Check out the 6 part series into all manner of motorcycling skills and please ride well… When you’re riding a bike on the open road, you’re about as vulnerable as it gets. Roadcraft is a vital part of your skill set and fundamental to developing your sixth sense as a rider.

8 Oct, 2017 WebAdmin

AMC backs motorcycle protective clothing research

Australian Motorcycle Council welcomes ratings system for protective clothing Motorcyclists around Australia and New Zealand will soon have access to more information about the safety of protective clothing with the formation of a working group and commencement of a pilot program at Deakin University. Read Full Article Click Here

3 Oct, 2017 WebAdmin

Freedom Ride 2017

Hi Everyone, Riders please mark your calendars and save this date as the Motorcycle Riders Association (MRAQ) in association with Queensland Bikers are presenting the FREEDOM RIDE on the 18th of November 2017. It will start from the BP Northbound. Sign up from 9.30 am onwards, stands up and on the road at 10.30am. First […]

18 Sep, 2017 WebAdmin

Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2017-19

Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2017-19 Which the MRAQ where one of the steering committee members in this action plan. Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2017–19 (PDF, 9.76 MB) is the second action plan launched under the strategy. It covers the key steps we are taking to continue […]

21 Aug, 2017 WebAdmin

Infographic: Here’s How You Pull Out of a Rear-Wheel Skid!

A rear-wheel skid is something that has happened to and with every rider at some point or the other. Generally, it’s because of a slippery surface or incorrect and excessive braking of the rear-wheel. While it’s generally all fun and frolic to pull the handbrakes of a car and get it’s rear wheels to skid, […]

15 Aug, 2017 WebAdmin

How to Lean Your Motorcycle into a Turn

Motorcycles stop faster and accelerate harder when they’re straight up and down, because that’s when the tires put the most footprint to the road surface. Suspension components also work best in the pure vertical plane—leaning the bike over puts side loads on them, encouraging binding and frame flex. But we need to lean bikes over […]

15 Aug, 2017 WebAdmin

MRAQ Annual General Meeting

For All Financial MRAQ Members, The MRAQ AGM will be held before the next general meeting on the same night. Nominations for President, Secretary, Treasurer positions, can be sent to this email address mraqsecretary@gmail.com This will be convened on the 12th of September 2017 at the meeting place all details on this link.  Queensport Hotel […]

9 Aug, 2017 WebAdmin

Motorcycle parking in the Brisbane CBD.

The MRAQ are proud to announce that we have worked with the Council and they have opened the additional 24 motorcycle parking at Kurilpa Point yesterday providing a total of 53 free off street spaces at this site. This provides a total of 106 free off street spaces replaced of the 90 free off street […]

2 Aug, 2017 WebAdmin

motoDNA has some important skills to share.

Front End Feel  How To Develop Front End Feel This article is aimed at advanced motorcycle riding in a controlled environment. “I don’t have a good feeling with the front.“ How often do we hear the MotoGP aliens say this ? But just what do they mean, how do we feel the front? Over decades of […]

1 Aug, 2017 WebAdmin

The future is electric for Queensland motorists

The future of motoring in Queensland was launched at Parliament House in Brisbane today – and it is electric. Environment Minister and Acting Main Roads Minister Steven Miles officially kick-started the EV revolution in the State with the launch of the Queensland Electric Super Highway – the world’s longest in one State. Mr Miles said […]

27 Jul, 2017 WebAdmin

How to improve emergency braking

Emergency braking causes more confusion and trepidation for riders than anything else, according to Mark McVeigh of the motoDNA motorcycle training course. How hard can I brake? Will the front wheel lock? Will I go over the handlebars? How far can I lean over on the brakes? As a motorcycle instructor I am continually amazed at […]

26 Jul, 2017 WebAdmin


The Brisbane City Council in conjunction with the CBD parking working group which the MRAQ is a member of has now added an addition 17 motorcycle parking bays and continues to work to find and implement options to replace those lost to the Queens Wharf development plus add more to increase the total amount of […]

22 Jul, 2017 WebAdmin

Steering Geometry Debunked

Bernie HattonMotorcycle SkillsNo Comments The knowledge of how a bike steers and balances are one of the same skill. Since 1985 I have always started my training of a learner or, an advanced rider around this theorem; which delivers results! With these essential motorcycle skills, you will be able to perform the following: 1)      Know how to […]

20 Jul, 2017 WebAdmin


UPDATE OF THE DIESEL SPILL ON MT TAMBOURINE from the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland) Thanks to the MRAQ for providing further details about the location of the diesel spill. As a result of your message of 7 July 2017, TMR investigations have identified that the spill had occurred on Tuesday 4 July […]

10 Jul, 2017 WebAdmin

Vision – Improve Your Motorcycle Riding Out Of Sight

Steer the bike with your eyes!    You go where you look! How often have we motorcyclists heard these phrases? Looking where you want to go obviously relates to vision, an important sense for everyday life, however when we introduce motorcycles, the importance of vision increases dramatically, not just as an essential tool for high performance […]

4 Jul, 2017 WebAdmin

The National Transport Commission is asking for submissions

The National Transport Commission is asking for submissions rest assured your MRAQ will be making a submission. You as riders can also make your submissions by reading below for details thanks for taking the time. They want to change our filtering road rules and control of vehicle road rules, Please take the time to look […]

4 Jul, 2017 WebAdmin

MRAQ Progress on “Parking spaces being replaced.

MRAQ Progress on “Parking spaces being replaced Since the loss of multiple motorcycle parking places due to the commencement of the Queens Wharf redevelopment in the Brisbane CBD the MRAQ has taken the lead in engaging with the Brisbane City Council and some other parties to find replacements for as many of the lost places […]

4 Jul, 2017 WebAdmin

MO Tested: NUVIZ Head-Up Display Review

When did you buy your first smartphone? Were you in line with me on the first day of iPhone availability, or did you wait until the platforms multiplied and matured? Where are you on the early adopter curve? Do you relish the bleeding edge, or do you prefer to let someone cut a trail for […]

9 Jun, 2017 WebAdmin

MRAQ Update about what has been happening.

The MRAQ would like to thank the Queensland Minister for Transport Mark Bailey for making time is his busy schedule to arrange a meeting with himself and other department heads to discuss our concerns on the matters of finalising the last item in the revised helmet rules, improved clarification of side filtering, possible alteration to […]

31 May, 2017 WebAdmin

SMART Rider Program to help you improve your on-road skills within the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

Whether you ride by yourself or with a group of friends, motorcycling should be fun. But too many riders are being hurt on our roads, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Many more have close calls and some just don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to enjoy their riding experience. Good riders constantly […]

11 May, 2017 WebAdmin

Brisbane City Council falls short of delivering promised CBD motorcycle bays

Brisbane City Council’s commitment to replace motorcycle parking bays lost to the Queen’s Wharf development is behind schedule with just over a third of the bays delivered. On February 7 the council revealed four priority sites across Brisbane CBD to add 94 motorcycle parking space by the end of that month – North Quay (37), Albert Street (10), Kurilpa Park […]

27 Apr, 2017 WebAdmin

How To Accelerate Your Motorcycle Skills – To Infinity And Beyond

Hack Your Ride  How To Accelerate Your Motorcycle Skills – To Infinity And Beyond What’s the difference between the average Joe rider and VR46? We all steer, brake, throttle, lean, look … Everyone has arms, legs, brain … So why are some riders better than others? Apart from fitness, riding motorcycles is all in your head […]

21 Apr, 2017 WebAdmin

Think you can speed safely? Think again.

Think you can speed safely? Think again. A new Easter road safety campaign is urging drivers to rethink their speeding habits on Queensland roads. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said the campaign – ‘Let’s change the way we look at speed’ – highlights the dangers of low-level speeding. “Around half of all […]

23 Mar, 2017 WebAdmin

RACQ joins Ride to Work Day

The RACQ is supporting the first annual Ride to Work Day tomorrow (March 1, 2017) organised by the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland. RACQ technical and safety officer Steve Spalding, a Suzuki Bandit owner and frequent motorcycle commuter, says he hopes the ride will alert motorists to the number of riders on the road. “These […]

28 Feb, 2017 WebAdmin

Motorcycle and scooter riders urged to ride to work

Queensland riders are being urged to ride to work next Wednesday (March 1, 2017) in an effort to re-establish the annual Ride to Work Day and raise awareness among motorists of motorcycles and scooters. Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns says riders are “often overlooked or ignored” when it comes to seeking solutions to […]

23 Feb, 2017 WebAdmin

New QLDTraffic technology lets you check, plan, go

A new traffic and travel information system has been launched to help more Queenslanders better plan their journey before hitting the road. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey launched QLDTraffic at the Brisbane Traffic Management Centre today, which will replace the old 131940 website. “Our new system will provide dynamic and real-time travel […]

21 Feb, 2017 WebAdmin

On-Road Motorcycle Rider Training Program Returns To the Gold Coast

There have been plenty of calls in recent times for an affordable road based rider training program to be re-introduced on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Rising crash rates and increased injuries and fatalities in the region have created concern among both authorities and rider groups. As fatalities in the region reach numbers not seen in almost […]

16 Feb, 2017 WebAdmin

MEDIA RELEASE Reporting of motorcycle crash statistics

The MRAQ is always in full support of the promotion of safety issues targeted at all road users and more specifically motorcycle riders and pillions and actively encourages all riders to gain addition training and skills plus to always ride with-in the limits of each individual’s ability, however it is far too often the case […]

14 Feb, 2017 WebAdmin

Motorcycles Are Learning to Save You From Your Own Recklessness

We all like to open it up every now and again, and Bosch is outfitting superbikes with the tech to make it safer. By Nick Goddard A decade ago, rider skill was the last word in motorcycle performance. Until then, the dream for many riders was that in some far-off future, with enough practice, you […]

11 Feb, 2017 WebAdmin

Stricter quad bike laws are now in force

FROM today 1/2/2017 all quad bike riders and passengers will need to wear a helmet. Previously riders could use registered and unregistered quad bikes on private property – such as farms – without one. The changes that have come into effect also ban children under the age of 8 and kids who can not reach […]

1 Feb, 2017 WebAdmin

Proper Motorcycle Lane Positioning

More than just riding between the lines Being smaller than the majority of road users is both an advantage and disadvantage of riding a motorcycle. However, many riders don’t give much active consideration to how they can apply a motorcycle’s advantages to help mitigate its disadvantages. Thanks to lane positioning options afforded by a bike’s […]

28 Jan, 2017 WebAdmin

Ride To Survive – Ten Tips by motoDNA

Unfortunately for riders, its more perilous than ever riding a motorcycle these days. Congestion, drivers using mobile phones, tailgating, poor road surface and just a general disregard for fellow human beings by aggressive drivers is making riding a motorcycle around Australian cities just not that much fun. Here are ten tips to help you Ride […]

13 Jan, 2017 WebAdmin


Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service Ian Stewart gives his personal road safety message to motorcyclists, and what Ridesafely4me means to him.

10 Jan, 2017 WebAdmin

Who gives way at a roundabout?

Roundabouts Who gives way at a roundabout? When approaching a roundabout you must give way to all vehicles already on the roundabout. In some cases on a multi-lane roundabout, it may be necessary to change lanes before exiting. If you are changing lanes you must give way to vehicles in the lane you are moving […]

5 Jan, 2017 WebAdmin

Rising road toll drives campaign push

The New Year has heralded a renewed push for greater safety on Queensland roads following a rise in road deaths for 2016 compared to the previous year. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said the rising road toll, and in particular motorcycle fatalities, was alarming. “As we start a new year, sadly we […]

1 Jan, 2017 WebAdmin

3 Motorcycle Myths That Won’t Die

I used to write for a Harley-Davidson magazine whose editor secured me the long-term loan of a Heritage Softail from H-D’s press fleet. I rode the wheels off of that old barge, and enjoyed every mile, but I never subscribed to the unwavering dress code of the local Harley riders––a cat-bowl helmet over a do-rag, […]

29 Dec, 2016 WebAdmin

Focus on holiday memories continues the road safety message

  With Christmas over for another year and New Year approaching, it’s time to keep safety top of mind when driving over the holiday period. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said the “Memories” road safety campaign will now shift to feature vintage holiday memories and experiences. “I urge Queenslanders to drive safely […]

26 Dec, 2016 WebAdmin

Five common riding mistakes, and how to avoid them

NONE of us are perfect riders and there’s never a point where you’ve learnt all there is to know about riding; that’s one of the things that’s so great about motorcycling. What’s not so great is getting it wrong, which is why we’ve put together this list o five mistakes most of us make and how […]

24 Dec, 2016 WebAdmin

Motorcycle riders urged to take care as road toll continues to rise

Minister for Road Safety Mark Bailey has rallied five-time world MotoGP champion Mick Doohan to help plead with riders and drivers to make safety a priority these Christmas holidays. Mr Bailey said he was so shocked by the rising road toll, and in particular the recent spate of motorcycle fatalities, that he called Mr Doohan […]

21 Dec, 2016 WebAdmin

Scientific studies explain SMIDSY

Riders might think drivers don’t care about hitting us, but there is actually scientific evidence that shows they really don’t see us. Of course no driver wants to run into a motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian. After all, it would cause extensive and expensive damage to their vehicle! The problem is that comparatively small road users […]

20 Dec, 2016 WebAdmin

MotoMedics patrol sobers riders

  While police patrol motorcycle “hot spots” on covert bikes, a MotoMedics first-responder motorcycle on Mt Glorious seems to have had a more preventative effect. In their first full weekend of operation MotoMedics Queensland has reported no incidences, despite a very active weekend for riders around Brisbane. MotoMedics is a volunteer riders group who will act as first responders to […]

19 Dec, 2016 WebAdmin

Beechmont Road safety improvements start

Motorcycle safety improvements worth $1.6 million have begun on Beechmont Road. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said the Palaszczuk Government was committed to building and maintaining safer roads, including projects to improve motorcycle safety. “Works planned include shoulder-widening on the one-way section between Elimbah Court and Jardine Road, and installing guardrails and […]

15 Dec, 2016 WebAdmin

No motorcyclists’ organization could exist without volunteers

Dolf Willigers I’m one of the few professionals that work for you. As General Secretary of FEMA my work is advocating motorcyclist interests. Not exactly an eight to five job in the office, but still something I deal with many hours on every day and get paid for. The money for my salary and expenses […]

10 Dec, 2016 WebAdmin

Hazard perception test video clip development world first

Adelaide based digital media producer Monkeystack has been engaged by Austroads to produce a library of car and motorcycle hazard perception test (HPT) videos and supporting material. The clips, which will be produced using computer generated imagery (CGI), are in the initial phase of storyboard development in consultation with Austroads member agencies. In a world […]

15 Nov, 2016 WebAdmin

Faith restored in QRide licensing system

The recent arrest of two QRide instructors for issuing motorcycle licences and 13 falsely licensed riders confirms the system is working well, says the Motorcycle Riders’ Association of Queensland. READ ABOUT THE ARRESTS HERE MRAQ president Chris Mearns says it shows Queensland Police and the Main Roads and Transport Department are correctly auditing providers. The MRAQ […]

7 Nov, 2016 WebAdmin

Queensland road safety campaigns win awards

Queensland road safety campaigns win awards Queensland road safety advertisements continue to gain national and international recognition withanother Join the Drive to Save Lives campaignwinning a state marketing award this week. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey, who is attending the road safety national forum in Perth, said it was a fantastic result […]

4 Nov, 2016 WebAdmin

Car vs Motorbike, cost and time comparison

I ride to work every day, it’s certainly satifiying passing what I estimate to be close to a thousand stationary cars every day using a combination of bus lanes, transit lanes and filtering. It’s all the more satifying when you’re moving through cars and seeing the traffic stopped on the paid toll roads like the M2. I often think […]

4 Nov, 2016 WebAdmin

Driver think Rider, Rider think Driver – Looking Out – TAC

Too many motorcycle riders are dying or being seriously injured on our roads – and it is the responsibility of all of us, both drivers and riders, to change this

4 Nov, 2016 WebAdmin

Minister to take Queensland road safety agenda to national forum

Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey will join state and territory road safety ministers and key stakeholders in Perth today to discuss solutions to reduce serious crashes across the nation. Mr Bailey, Queensland’s first ever road safety Minister, said he was looking forward to taking Queensland ideas and initiatives to the meeting. “The […]

3 Nov, 2016 WebAdmin

“Speed Kills” – A Big Fib?

United Kingdom – The British Superbike School’s Mike Abbott has made what some may regard an outlandish statement (though we at Motorcycle Minds don’t), following the recent publication of the 2015 National Statistics (Great Britain) on road collisions. His statement that the very misleading “Speed Kills” strap line is a big fib and that it […]

1 Nov, 2016 WebAdmin

You Might Be a Good Rider If…

  Riding tips to make you a better motorcycle rider. By Ken Condon Illustration: Rich Lee Yesterday at 8:24am Rich Lee Riding tips. When asked, the majority of motorcyclists consider themselves “good” riders. The problem is that we suck at measuring our own abilities. This behavior is common enough that psych experts gave it a […]

28 Oct, 2016 WebAdmin

Rail Level Crossing Rural Motorbike Rider Survey

We have designed several innovative models for both metropolitan and rural rail level crossings. We’d like to find out which of the new safety features we’ve come up with are likely to lead to the best safety outcomes. This survey asks you to view some short animated simulations of a road user approaching a rail […]

27 Oct, 2016 WebAdmin

Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV changes for 2017

Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV changes for 2017 to full length adventure movies in response to audiences turning to Youtube Remote to watch MAD TV in their lounge rooms with the bigTVs.

23 Oct, 2016 WebAdmin

Crashing with ABS – Survey Time!

European/Global – ABS – Anti Lock Brakes – Advanced Braking Systems, whatever you wish to label them, are certainly marked out in the realms of ongoing motorcycling technical innovations as something that improves rider safety. Any challenges about the ability of ABS not to stop in corners, on loose road surfaces while keeping the rider […]

22 Oct, 2016 WebAdmin

Drivers/Riders in Queensland to get fine notices via email or text from police

Drivers/Riders in Queensland could be issued with infringement notices via email or text message with new e-ticketing technology being used from today. The e-ticketing option being launched by Queensland police is a voluntary option providing an alternative to receiving a fine through the post. The tickets should be issued almost instantaneously and allow a faster […]

20 Oct, 2016 WebAdmin

Changes To Queensland Motorcycle Licensing – Common Questions Answered

As the dust begins to settle after some of the most significant changes to motorcycle licensing ever in Queensland, plenty of people are still confused about where they stand with the new licensing system. The new laws came into effect on Saturday,1st October, 2016. In the lead up to the changes, there was a massive […]

9 Oct, 2016 WebAdmin

Your Vision and Riding Motorcycles

Vision Ins and Outs “You go where you look,” and, “Look where you want to go,” pretty much sum up the basic visual skills a motorcycle rider needs; ignoring them leads to many common faults. Once the continuous, unbroken flow of information about the road ahead coming through the eyes is fractured by some visual […]

8 Oct, 2016 WebAdmin

SKIDBIKE – “It’s About Grip Not Slip”

United States – Popping up in our news feed recently, are reports of the technological and practical motorcycling training aid – the SKIDBIKE™ described as a “Disruptive Training Technology”, revolutionising the rider learning process. The people at SKIDBIKE™ say that it, “Is the safest technology ever offered in the history of motorised 2‐wheel training. Many […]

6 Oct, 2016 WebAdmin

Unfair Cop Police Admit Wrong Fine on Handlebars

Australian Road Rider Magazine September edition.

25 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin

What are the legal consequences of wearing a helmet camera?

We’ve all seen the footage. A motorcyclist overtakes a car, the driver takes offence, speeds up, tailgates and tries to push the motorbike off the road. Scenes like this are becoming increasingly familiar on YouTube and sometimes even the nightly news. More often than not, the footage is from the point of view of a […]

22 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin

Australian scientists: ‘motorcycle crash risk can be managed’

A new Australian report highlights the relationship between motorcycle crashes and road infrastructure, and specifically, how road infrastructure influences both the likelihood of a crash occurring or the resulting severity of a crash. The investigation included: a comprehensive literature review, crash analysis, the identification of road infrastructure elements as crash factors, the identification of effective […]

18 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin

Queenslanders reminded to drive safely during Spring Break

Police Minister Bill Byrne and Commissioner Ian Stewart today urged motorists to stay safe on the roads these school holidays at the launch of Operation Spring Break 2016. The coordinated state-wide initiative for the September and October school holidays is aimed at reducing the number of serious injury and fatal traffic crashes. The operation, which will […]

15 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin

First Aid for Motorcyclists

This is not your usual first aid training course. At First Aid for Motorcyclists, the focus is entirely on learning motorcycle related first aid trauma management and understanding how to confidently manage an accident scene. The highly specialized areas of training include knowing when and how to remove a helmet and perform effective CPR, how to […]

11 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin

Is this the end of SMIDSY? What driverless cars mean for motorcyclists

Is this the end of SMIDSY? What driverless cars mean for motorcyclists Until recently, driverless cars were the stuff of science-fiction movies. But many experts predict they could be the norm on our roads within the next twenty years. So what does this mean for motorcyclists? While many motorcyclists consider driverless cars a threat to […]

9 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin

The Most Dangerous Days

Riding defensively isn’t the only approach you need in traffic By Nick Ienatsch For thirteen years I worked full-time for Petersen Publishing Company and commuted by motorcycle into Hollywood, California, from the San Fernando Valley in what can be described as “insanely heavy traffic.” Though I’m no longer in California, I still ride and drive […]

8 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin

Riding Tips: Get Stress & Anxiety In Check Before You Ride

Because stress while riding not only affects enjoyment and stamina but also how your motorcycle performs. Think back on the last time you had a fleeting moment of anxiety while you were riding. I’m not talking about outright panic that happens when a car darts in front of you. I’m referring to that uneasy feeling […]

6 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin

BMW developing haptic helmet

BMW is working on an idea that could solve the problem of seeing and hearing traditional satellite navigation systems when riding by integrating GPS into a helmet that delivers information directly into your head. No, there are no probes stuck into your brain. The idea is just to use the sort of haptic feedback that […]

2 Sep, 2016 WebAdmin


Gold Coast motorcyclists were in the sights of police today – but it wasn’t for doing the wrong thing. More than 100 riders were pulled over in Nerang this morning, as authorities try to drive down the number of weekend road deaths. Video on Link GC MOTORCYCLE RIDERS GIVEN THUMBS UP BY POLICE

30 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

Powerful new campaign highlights Queensland’s real road toll

A new road safety campaign which aims to give a human face to the reality of Queensland’s road toll to highlight the real effect it has on everyday lives, has been launched today in Brisbane. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey and Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart along with families of those who […]

21 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

How To Develop Front End Feel

 This article is aimed at advanced motorcycle riding in a controlled environment.  “I don’t have a good feeling with the front.“ How often do we hear the MotoGP aliens say this ? But just what do they mean, how do we feel the front? Over decades of coaching the biggest anxiety I still see from […]

21 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

International race organiser: We’re looking elsewhere now

IT’S OFFICIAL, the controversial proposal for an Isle of Man-style, 47km TT motorcycle race through the Sunshine Coast hinterland is off the table. Sunshine Coast Council CEO Michael Whittaker said the organisers of the proposed Sunshine Coast International TT race withdrew their event sponsorship application to the council, the proponents unable to provide the necessary […]

16 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

Protect your motorcycle headlight

  All new bikes should come with headlight protectors as modern Xenon and LED headlights can be very expensive to replace, some more than $2000! It only takes one errant rock to drain your hip pocket. And don’t be fooled into thinking it is only adventure bikes that are susceptible to copping a rock in the lamp. In […]

16 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

No Surprise – No Accident

United Kingdom – “All accidents are the result of prediction failure. Surprise is Nature’s way of telling us we have experienced such a failure. If there is no surprise, there can be no accident” The aim of the ‘No Surprise? No Accident!’ campaign is to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes by shifting the way […]

14 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

Automatic Number Plate Recognition rolled out to more QPS vehicles

Media Release Automatic Number Plate Recognition rolled out to more QPS vehicles Queensland roads will be safer as police expand their capabilities to detect reckless and irresponsible drivers, Police Minister Bill Byrne announced today. Mr Byrne joined Queensland Police Service Superintendent Dale Pointon to announce more police cars would be equipped with Automatic Number Plate […]

12 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

Police sting or immoral entrapment?

Riders caught crossing double white lines after being delayed by an allegedly slow-moving unmarked police vehicle may have little chance of fighting the fine as entrapment. Similar incidences have occurred before, including a 2012 incident on the Old Pacific Highway north of Sydney which the fined riders successfully defended a year later. The latest incident involved […]

11 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

Notice of AGM 2016

Notice of AGM 2016 The MRAQ hereby advises that it will be holding the MRAQ AGM on the 13th September 2016 at the meeting place details can be found here.

10 Aug, 2016 WebAdmin

Motorcycle safety and accidents in Europe

9th August 2016 by Motorcycleminds Leave a Comment Europe – The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) – made up of rider organisations who represent their members in countries from across Europe report that, “Motorcycle safety and accidents vary between individual countries.” FEMA has come to this conclusion in a summary report – “Motorcycle Safety […]

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Scrap edge filtering law anomaly

Edge filtering will never be allowed across all states so long as Queensland – the only state that permits the practice – does not acknowledge an anomaly in the law that is resulting in riders being heavily fined. The laws, brought in by the previous Newman Government, allow edge filtering which is described as riding […]

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Motorists urged to take extra care on roads after horror crashes

Motorists are being urged to slow down and take extra care following a horror few days on Queensland roads, with six people killed in crashes and many more injured. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said the road toll for 2016 was currently 145, two more than the same time last year. “This […]

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Corner Braking

Don’t crash your machine just because you aren’t familiar with these corner-braking maneuvers. Braking while leaned over in a corner is usually something you want to avoid. That’s because there is a limited amount of available traction that needs to be shared between cornering and braking forces. This means you might not have enough traction […]

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My e-notices and e-reminders

Are you having trouble remembering when your registration is due now that we no longer have registration stickers or you might change address a lot , well this may help you …. My e-notices and e-reminders About this service This online service allows you to receive emailed notifications and reminders from the department. e-notices Sign […]

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The Importance of Quality Rubber

When upgrading to a new set of wheels, an important factor to consider is the kind of rubber you’ll be wrapping them in. Your tyres are the only point of contact that your Bike/Car has with the road, so it is of paramount importance that you have your rims shod with some good quality rubber. […]

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Psychologist: Vehicle/Motorcycle Accidents Possibly Linked to Brain Miscalculations

Pat Delucia finds that small, near objects can appear farther away than larger, farther objects Schematic representation (left panel: top view; right panel: front view) of scenes used to demonstrate the size-arrival effect. Check the local news, and stories of cars pulling out in front of motorcyclists run regularly in the headlines. Recent research by […]

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Riders & Drivers sign up online for greater peace of mind

  New services which encourages Queenslanders to sign up for email reminders and upcoming registration payments and transport matters has already had massive interest. More than 2300 Queenslanders have already signed up for free e-notices and e-reminders in the first month since the service was introduced in June, allowing customers to receive Transport and Main […]

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Changes to motorcycle licencing

Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) recently outlined changes to motorcycling licencing laws that will come into effect in October 2016. These form part of their ‘Motorcycle Safety Initiative’ which TMR have indicated were developed considering feedback provided by Queenslanders through the Motorcycle Licencing Discussion Paper and accompanying online survey on the Get Involved website. Other more […]

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Infrastructure Improvements to Reduce Motorcycle Casualties

Infrastructure Improvements to Reduce Motorcycle Casualties This report presents the technical findings of a two-year study which sought to identify effective infrastructure improvements to reduce motorcycle crash risk and crash severity, based on how riders perceive, respond and react to infrastructure they encounter. The project commenced with a literature review of national and international guides, […]

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What is your sixth sense?

Your sixth sense is that unique instinct all riders share that helps us read the road, the conditions, the potential hazards and stay focused and in control. The more you hone and develop it, the better your chances are of surviving to ride another day. Learn more here and watch the videos. Read & Watch […]

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Are you looking for a Rider Trainer?

Well look no further, click on the link provided and start the journey of locating a motorcycle training provider to get you on your way to a great riding future. Motorcycle Licensing & Registration  

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Cover Your Assets with Proper Motorcycle Gear

Why do some choose to go unprotected? Experienced, smart motorcyclists know that proper gear, worn all the time, is essential to safety. But it’s apparent that not everyone buys into the concept (we see too many riders wearing little more than beachwear). Assuming they know that crashing is possible, and that surfing asphalt could erase […]

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How Much Throttle?

10 Tips To Help Your Throttle Control Presented by Pirelli Tyre’s The techniques in this article are used at motoDNA closed circuit training days to develop riding skills for the road and track. 1 – Lean Angle The more you lean your bike over in a corner the less grip is available from your tyres. […]

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2016 Freedom Ride

Hello Please riders mark your calendars and save this date as the Queensland Bikers & MRAQ are presenting the FREEDOM RIDE on the 19th of November 2016. It will start from the BP Northbound. Meet up from 9am onwards, stands up and on the road at 10am. First stop Landsbourgh then onto some good roads […]

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Rider crashes into unsecured load

This video of an American rider crashing into a load that had fallen off the back of a boat trailer being pulled by an SUV is a lesson in never following vehicles with dodgy looking loads. Rider Brendan Jankowski, 20, doesn’t seem to be following very closely, but it is close enough for him not […]

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#ridesafely4me event a huge success

Photo courtesy of Amir Photography. Around 60 motorcyclists gathered at Lakeside Park on Sunday June 26 for #ridesafely4me’s inaugural event Day by the Lake supporting #ridesafely4me. The weather was kind and the day was hailed a huge success. Riders travelled from as far away as Coffs Harbour for the event organised through Aussie Riders Social […]

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Dues and Don’ts of Motorcycling

Noobies are the future! A noob’s indoctrination can come at almost any age, but the young ones are easier to train in your image. I’m as guilty as you are, and who could blame us? They’re so cringingly uncool. Noobs! The chubby dude paddling around his cul-de-sac on a blubbering Vulcan? Yep, he flies Harley-Davidson […]

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Riding Tips: How Much Traction Does Your Motorcycle Have?

Simply put, traction is the friction between your tires and the road surface. Several factors determine how much traction is available, including surface condition, the tires’ ability to grip the road, and the amount of “load” or pressure pressing the tires onto the surface. Managing that small patch of friction, and knowing what factors help […]

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It’s A Fine Line Motorcycle Safety – Target Zero

This is just one thing that is happening in the USA motorcycle scene. We are an inclusive community of motorcycle riders advocating one common mission..Our goal – of zero deaths and serious injuries in 2030 – is about the “one”…the individual. It’s about the Washington State Trooper struck by a truck. It’s about the child […]

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‘The Perfect Ride’ to combat motorcycle trauma , Your Invited….

On a crisp Queensland winters’ morning, nothing beats the feeling of riding up Mount Glorious for brekkie, enjoying the twists and turns on the range from Aratula to Glengallen or the trip from Mossman to Mount Malloyon. Motorcycling is a great way to enjoy all Queensland has to offer and with winter now here, we […]

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Lane filtering and the interpretation of “safe to do so”

The Queensland motorcycle lane filtering road rules contain only a minimal amount of positive description of when lane filtering is not permitted but include a general offense of filtering when it is “not safe to do so”.   What does this term mean?   After holding concerns right from the initial release of the rules […]

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Survey from Stop SMIDSY

Have your voice heard! Complete our survey on the issues facing riders, and we will use the results to lobby for change on behalf of you and the rider community. Survey is open till next Friday. http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2829388/1149

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Sunshine Coast International TT public meeting

By Paul Dawson and Trevor Hedge While there have been numerous proposals for a TT style race in Australia, in both Tasmania and on NSW’s Oxley Highway, the latter of which did for some time appear to be gaining plenty of traction. The latest proposal comes out of Queensland and is dubbed the ‘Sunshine Coast […]

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Changes announced to Queensland Motorcycle Licensing

The Queensland Government has announced sweeping changes to the state’s motorcycle licensing laws. The reforms will be rolled out from October 2016 and include: an off-road practical pre-learner training and assessment course (increasing the required number of courses to obtain an R licence from two to three), a minimum learner licence period of three months […]

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Motorcyclists: Beware the Tar Snake

The “tar snake” is a nasty species found across the country that has an appetite for motorcyclists. Find out what these are, and what to do when you encounter them, so you don’t end up a victim when they bite!   You’ve seen tar snakes out on the road countless times, but probably never paid […]

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Safety boost for motorcycle licencing system

The Palaszczuk Government is changing motorcycle licencing to improve the skills and safety of Queensland riders and better prepare them for their time on road. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said changes to the competency based testing and licensing requirements would boost safety for one of the most vulnerable groups on our […]

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Mindful Motorcycling

How To Improve Your Riding Out Of Sight Riding a motorcycle well and with longevity requires 3 primary elements. Good skill, road-craft (or race-craft) and the right mental approach. Today we talk about the right mental approach using mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in […]

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Airbus prints motorbike from dust

  The Light Rider, the ‘world’s first 3D printed motorcycle’ Image: © 2016 by Airbus APWorks. You would normally associate Airbus with A380s and other large passenger carrying jetliners. But in a sign of where advancing 3D printing technology could take aviation in the future, Airbus, through its German subsidiary APWorks, has produced an electric […]

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Mick Doohan to host all-star TV bike show

A two-wheel equivalent of the popular Top Gear could soon be hitting TV screens with five-time world champion Mick Doohan as host, supported by Charley Boorman and supermodel Kate Peck. It’s called Bike Torque and the producers are seeking $500,000 to film a pilot and $6.5m for the first season of 13 episodes. Supermodel Kate […]

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Towards Zero: A long road ahead?

The state of Victoria has suffered one of its most traumatic starts to the year in relation to motorcycle fatalities, Deniz Uzgun reports. Victoria’s motorcycle death toll is surging, with 28 riders having already lost their lives this year. In May last year this figure was just 13, with the number of motorcyclists killed during 2015 standing at 30. Despite the […]

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Helmets – Latest News – Standards Forum

Some said last year’s Forum at Standards Australia was a farce, yet what resulted was national change to helmet laws to allow sale and use of ECE 22-05 helmets. This came about through regulatory changes by the ACCC and road authorities, not from any action of Standards Australia. This year’s Forum at Standards Australia did […]

20 May, 2016 WebAdmin

New Dimension Widths on Handlebars, ADR 57 amended.

MRAQ have found a change in the ADR 57. Have you been booked on or after the 11th of December 2015 for bars wider than 900mm, well this is going to interest you, please read more details here MRAQ Investigation into ADR 57  Any inquires email  MRAQ President <mraqpresident@gmail.com>

19 May, 2016 WebAdmin

Helmet standard needs revision says forum

A helmet forum in Sydney has decided that the Australian standard for helmets is still relevant – at least for now – but requires revision to make it more explicit and not open to interpretation. Despite all Australian states now allowing European-standard UNECE22.05 helmets, it was pointed out that there are helmets currently being sold […]

18 May, 2016 WebAdmin

Aftermarket exhaust not illegal, Barrister

A Brisbane Barrister has reviewed the laws on aftermarket exhausts and determined that police and authorities do not have the expertise or objectivity to sustain a conviction for the alleged offence. Levente Jurth, who rides an Aprilia Tuono 1100, says he researched the matter because fellow riders have been fined by Queensland Police for having a […]

17 May, 2016 WebAdmin

Candidate says speed cameras ineffective

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate, motorcycle crash widow and passionate rider Judith Kuerschner says speed cameras are ineffective. “A speed camera is completely ineffective in stopping the fatality that may occur several minutes after a vehicle has sped past. It’s like smacking a dog on the nose for pooping on your lawn two weeks after […]

15 May, 2016 WebAdmin

No Surprise? No Accident!

The aim of the ‘No Surprise: No Accident’ campaign is to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes by shifting the way we think about road safety. Whilst there has been a steady downward trend in road casualties, motorcyclists remain over-represented in those figures and we continue to crash in the same ways and in the same […]

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Traits To Make You A More Experienced Rider

“What’s the best bike for a beginner?” It’s perhaps the most frequently asked question in motorcycle showrooms and in online forums. It’s a necessary question, and one we’ve tried to answer here from time to time. But it got us thinking, what about experienced riders? What’s the best bike for those who have crossed the […]

15 May, 2016 WebAdmin

Towards Zero: A long road ahead?

The state of Victoria has suffered one of its most traumatic starts to the year in relation to motorcycle fatalities, Deniz Uzgun reports. Victoria’s motorcycle death toll is surging, with 28 riders having already lost their lives this year. In May last year this figure was just 13, with the number of motorcyclists killed during 2015 standing at 30. Despite the […]

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USB key gives vital rider medical details

A rider died without his family by his side six hours after arriving in hospital because the medical authorities had no idea who to contact. This was the scenario that inspired 40-year riding veteran Tony Walton of Perth to address the situation and save some lives. His invention is the ICEmergency USB key which goes […]

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Liberal Party promises to cut motorcycle red tape.

Liberal Party initiatives to cut red tape have resulted in axing several modifications to new motorcycle imports, including ugly long fenders. READ OUR STORY The Liberals also promise to remove identification plates on new bikes and make it easier for people to import new and used bikes. Motorbike Writer is asking all the major and many […]

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Sat 28 May 2016 9:00 am – 4:30 pm STREET SKILLS TRAINING motoDNA is disrupting the rider training space. We empower riders via our exciting and fun events taught by down to earth expert coaches with lots of value add. Our unique objective 100 skill point measurement system breaks down the art of riding motorcycles into […]

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Sun 12 Jun 2016 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Advanced Rider Training Road Riders Track Day Riders Adventure Riders motoDNA is disrupting the rider training space. We empower riders via our exciting and fun events taught by down to earth expert coaches with lots of value add. Our unique objective 100 skill point measurement system breaks […]

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Australian Census snubs riders – yet again

The 2011 Australian Census snubbed motorcycles, causing outrage among riders, yet the new 2016 Census questionnaire is virtually unchanged and still snubs motorcycles. On Census Night, August 9, 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will count close to 10 million dwellings and about 24 million people in Australia. However, the information will totally neglect motorcycles […]

1 May, 2016 WebAdmin

How Motorcycle Roadcraft can help you become a better rider

Understand the four-phase system of motorcycle control and how you can apply it to all riding situations, including reducing the risks that riders face from the actions of other road users. Find out how your confidence and state of mind can increase or reduce your safety, and how to manage these influences. Learn about the […]

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But I didn’t see him!

How many times have you heard this after a car pulls out in front of a motorcycle? Or a motorcycle rider asks, “How could he not see me when it’s a bright, sunny day?” The truth is, he probably didn’t see you. On a clear day, my motorcycle shows up well from 288 feet away, […]

29 Apr, 2016 WebAdmin

Sex Party candidate supports motorcycle riders

Consistent national road rules across state borders, scrapping anti-association laws, and introducing a motorcycle safety month are among the election initiatives of Australian Sex Party (ASXP) Senate candidate Dr Meredith Doig. Meredith is a long-time rider, former Secretary of the Federation of Australian Motorcyclists (FAM) and one of several motorcyclists contesting the coming election. The candidate […]

26 Apr, 2016 WebAdmin

Do we need lemon laws for motorcycles?

Australia is considering stronger consumer laws covering seriously defective vehicles that could go as far as US Lemon Laws but may not include motorcycles. Lemon Laws are consumer protection laws that provide a satisfactory repair, full refund or replacement product for a major consumer expense item such as a car, SUV or motorcycle deemed to repeatedly fail […]

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INVITATION: First Aid for Motorcyclists – QLD 2016 – Motorcycle Accident Management Training

Accident Management Training developed specifically for riders; this half day session is informative, practical and relevant if you ride. ** For all those 1,368 people we have already trained please share this email with other riders so they can get the skills** Our community based “Motorcycle Accident Management Training” program is all about empowering riders, raising awareness and […]

20 Apr, 2016 WebAdmin

The Invisibles

Half of all cycle crashes and a third of all motorcycle crashes in Gloucestershire involved another vehicle where the driver “failed to look”. That’s over 700 riders who have been hurt on our roads since 2008 in preventable and avoidable collisions. Most of these were at urban junctions in the County, where male drivers collided […]

14 Apr, 2016 WebAdmin

Lane filtering in Queensland

When from today 1st February  2015, some ROAD RULES have changed and QLD riders can now legally Lane Filter. Find out about lane filtering rules that apply to motorcycle riders in Queensland and how to keep safe while doing it. Visit this Website  for a transcript of this video and more information on motorcycle rule […]

13 Apr, 2016 WebAdmin

Queensland compulsory third party insurance hike of at least $60

Queensland motorists are about to take another financial hit, with at least $60 to be added annually to the cost of compulsory third party insurance, as the government works to bring the state in line with a national scheme in place in every other state. The state was signed up to the National Injury Insurance Scheme under […]

13 Apr, 2016 WebAdmin

QLD Myth Buster Road Rules

Here are a whole lot of MYTH BUSTERS please keep up to date of the Road Rules as they come about. Read about the myths and how they are busted Click Here.

24 Feb, 2016 WebAdmin

Education reduces motorcycle crashes

Despite media beat-ups that proclaim a massive surge in motorcycle crashes in Queensland, an education program has been credited with actually reducing the toll. Motorcycle Riders’ Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns says most of the deaths were in a few incidents early in the year which triggered an effective MRAQ rider education campaign. “We […]

4 Jan, 2016 WebAdmin

Safer Motorcycles? Let’s Start With Safer Cars!

Because serious motorcycle accidents usually involve a car that violates a motorcyclist’s right of way. Motorcycling is on the edge of a revolution. In the next five to 10 years, fatalities and serious injuries are going to fall like unicycles on ice. There’s a demographic factor: Old baby boomers crash less than young baby boomers. […]

17 Dec, 2015 WebAdmin

Results of motorcycle licensing discussion paper

The Results of consultation: Motorcycle licensing discussion paper, which summarises over 1,700 responses received as part of community consultation on possible changes to Queensland’s motorcycle licensing system, is now available. The Motorcycle licensing discussion paper and accompanying online survey were released on the Get involved website on 27 July 2015. The consultation period ran for […]

15 Dec, 2015 WebAdmin

Motorcycle helmet changes – Government acts on outdated standard

Senator Ricky Muir has welcomed the government’s announcement removing the outdated consumer protection notice (CPN) governing the sale of motorcycle crash helmets. The Minister for Small Business, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, made the announcement yesterday following revocation of CPN No. 9 last week. This opens the way for state and territory jurisdictions to align […]

9 Dec, 2015 WebAdmin

Five critical things to do at a motorbike accident scene

Imagine that you come around a bend and you encounter a serious motorbike accident where a rider is down and injured. What are you going to do? It can be a very confusing, confronting and chaotic experience and you may well suffer sensory overload. To help you think straight and perform the critical actions necessary to provide the […]

9 Dec, 2015 WebAdmin

Cheaper, safer helmets for all Aussies

International-standard helmets are now available for sale throughout Australia after the Federal Government changed the rules that made them illegal for sale, even though Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory have already made them legal to wear. Now riders should be able to access a wider range of safer helmets. They should also be cheaper […]

6 Dec, 2015 WebAdmin

ACCC opens Australia’s Motorcycle Helmet market.

Australian Motorcycle Council AMC MEDIA RELEASE 5th DEC, 2015 ACCC opens Australia’s Motorcycle Helmet market. Motorcyclists across Australia today welcomed Federal Minister for Consumer Affairs – Hon. Kelly O’Dwyer, MP, landmark announcement revoking Consumer Protection Notice No.9. The decision from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) followed a three-year review and removes a legal […]

6 Dec, 2015 WebAdmin

More motorcycle helmet reform needed

While the motorcycle community is celebrating the reform that allows international-standard helmets to be sold in Australia, issues such as visors and action cameras still need to be resolved. Australian Motorcycle Council Helmets Committee Chair Guy Stanford says there are many people to thank for the bureaucratic change, but says they will also have to […]

6 Dec, 2015 WebAdmin

Lane Filtering | Take The Peak Hour Challenge

This feature requires audience participation. I also hope it’s informative and entertaining, but without your involvement it becomes an exercise in preaching to the converted. The plan is to spread the word about the benefits of lane filtering, and encourage drivers to get out of their cars and onto a motorcycle for their daily commute […]

1 Dec, 2015 WebAdmin

“Advocate groups get correction of helmet standard”

“Advocate groups get correction of helmet standard” MRAQ would like to announce the revocation of the ACCC mandatory standard https://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2015L01845 When more information is available it will be posted here.

30 Nov, 2015 WebAdmin

Make Yourself Visible Booklet

Did you know you can make yourself more visible with out the need of a high vis-vest. The MRAWA have put this brochure together for your benefit. This booklet was put together by MRA Western Australia  Make Yourself Visible

25 Nov, 2015 WebAdmin

How riders can have high visibility

You don’t need a high visibility vest to become more visible on the road, says the Motorcycle Riders Association of Western Australia. They say it’s more about road position and looking out for hazards that can obscure you. They have produced an excellent motorcycle rider education brochure called Make Yourself Visible which you can use to make […]

23 Nov, 2015 WebAdmin

Have you got a minute …???

Have you got a minute …??? Incentives for safe driving A group of randomly selected Queenslanders from across the State will soon come together as a road safety ‘Citizens’ Taskforce’. They will discuss and deliberate on how incentives could be used to encourage safe driving, including for young people. The taskforce will hear from experts […]

14 Oct, 2015 WebAdmin

Have you got a minute …???

Incentives for safe driving A group of randomly selected Queenslanders from across the State will soon come together as a road safety ‘Citizens’ Taskforce’. They will discuss and deliberate on how incentives could be used to encourage safe driving, including for young people. The task-force will hear from experts in behavioral science, economics and road […]

14 Oct, 2015 webadmin


MRAQ monthly meetings are open to members and visitors, so come along and check it out. Meetings are held on the Second Tuesday of every month starting at 7.30pm at: 26 Monte St, Slacks Creek QLD 4127 Where is the Moss Street International ? View the map. https://plus.google.com/100306434882125608354/about… Come early and have a meal all […]

7 Oct, 2015 webadmin

MRAQ AGM Results 2015.

MRAQ AGM Results. The MRAQ AGM resulted in changes to the committee. The new executive committee are: President: Chris Mearns Vice President: Steve Prickle Clancy Secretary: Steve Prickle Clancy Treasurer: Stewart Stevenson We would like to thank the previous committee for their fantastic efforts over the past 12 months.  We also welcome the new committee […]

8 Sep, 2015 WebAdmin

Notice of MRAQ AGM 2015

Notice of AGM The MRAQ hereby advises that it will be holding the MRAQ AGM on the 8th September 2015 at the meeting place details can be found here.

13 Aug, 2015 WebAdmin

Motorcycle licensing discussion paper.

HAVE YOUR SAY ……. Motorcycle licensing discussion paper: improving road safety for motorcycle riders in Queensland https://www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/gi/consultation/2654/view.html

27 Jul, 2015 WebAdmin

MRAQ Media Release 26/07/2015.

Subject – Proposed Changes to Motorcycle Licensing Today the MRAQ participated in a media event in conjunction with the Queensland Minster for Main Roads to announce the release tomorrow of a discussion paper on proposals for changes to the motorcycle licensing process. This discussion paper is intended to seek input from any interested party as […]

26 Jul, 2015 WebAdmin

Learner riders face tougher licence testing.

Learner riders could face tougher testing procedures under proposals in a discussion paper which would bring Queensland into line with graduated licensing schemes in other states. If implemented, Queensland would then actually have the toughest tests for a learner rider as it is the only state that requires potential riders to hold a car licence […]

26 Jul, 2015 WebAdmin

Speed traps ignoring safety and filling government pockets

Since when was the solution to the problem of signs that were too small and difficult to see, to replace them with no signs at all? When they alert you to the presence of a police mobile speed camera, of course! At least that is the excuse given by Queensland Police for eliminating signs warning […]

15 Jul, 2015 WebAdmin

British police chiefs encourage motorcycles.

While many riders believe police are the enemy, discriminate against them and harass them, it seems British police actually encourage motorcycling.The UK Council of Police Chiefs website http://www.motorcycleframework.co.uk/ includes a motorcycle framework……… section that features six sections with positive headings: Road user awareness; Educate to deliver; Motorcycles as a practical solution; Unlocking the benefits of […]

7 Jul, 2015 WebAdmin

Review motorcycle parking in Brisbane CBD and Valley (more parks or allow footpath parking).

Please take the time to sign this petition, it only takes a minute to make a change. Click for Petition Here.

1 Jul, 2015 WebAdmin

First Aid For Motorcyclists.

Motorcyclist first aid course on the road to reach 3000 riders in the next two years. What every rider needs to know in the event of a motorbike accident. Motorcycle accident scene training equipping motorcyclists with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide roadside accident scene management and emergency motorcycle first aid. All details can be […]

15 Jun, 2015 WebAdmin

FEMA publishes literature study on crash barriers.

The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations has published a literature study on crash barriers. The best barrier for a motorcyclist is no barrier at all. If the barrier itself is more dangerous than what it is designed to protect, no guard rail should be installed. Since there are bridges, threes, steep mountain roads, oncoming traffic […]

5 Jun, 2015 WebAdmin

The Perfect Ride.

If you’re planning on dusting off that old motorbike and hitting the road, it may not just be your road skills that need brushing up. Be sure to check out our helpful ‪#‎perfectride‬ guide for all you’ll need to know. Perfect Ride & More Here.

4 Jun, 2015 WebAdmin

Bikers A-Z Survival Bible

We were sent this very informative book Bikers A-Z Survival Bible,on all aspects of riding you can purchase this book, please just click here for the link….

2 Jun, 2015 WebAdmin

Mick Doohan calls for compulsory defensive driver training after 10 bike fatalities.

When a man whose body is filled with steel after horrific motorcycle crashes tells you to ride safe, it’s probably time to listen. After 10 fatalities and more than 1000 crashes this year, Queensland’s paramedics recruited motorbike legend Mick Doohan to ram the message home to riders. The five-time champion famously broke many bones, including […]

28 May, 2015 WebAdmin

Mick Doohan talks motorcycle safety in Qld

Mick Doohans is interviewed on Ten News. As he has always stated the road is not a race track. Watch and Listen Here.

28 May, 2015 WebAdmin

Reckless motorcyclist caught texting while speeding along a Melbourne highway.

AN idiot motorcyclist has been caught texting while riding in death-defying speeds of up to 100km/h. In a shocking photo obtained by the Herald Sun, the woman is seen riding along EastLink at high speeds while looking down at her mobile phone. Steven, 25, who did not wish for his surname to be published, said […]

15 May, 2015 WebAdmin


Look where you want to go!   Steer the bike with your eyes!    You go where you look!  How often have we motorcyclists heard these phrases? Looking where you want to go obviously relates to vision, an important sense for everyday life, however when we introduce motorcycles, the importance of vision increases dramatically,………. Not just […]

6 May, 2015 WebAdmin

IRF & RA Conference calls upon world leaders to make road safety a reality.

The International Road Federation (IRF) – Roads Australia (RA) Regional Conference for Asia and Australasia, the largest of its type to be held in the Asia-Pacific region concluded in Sydney today calling for thought leadership within the national and international road sector when it comes to addressing the pandemic of Road Safety. Under the theme […]

6 May, 2015 WebAdmin

“How To Be A Better Rider.”

UK based Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) have published their “How To Be A Better Rider” online. While it’s UK specific, there’s loads of great information and advice for all riders. Read More Here.

28 Apr, 2015 WebAdmin

How human vision works and how we can prevent road accidents

Why do we fail to see objects on the road? Why do we tend not to look near the edges of a framed scene? RAF pilot and keen cyclist John Sullivan explains how human vision works and how we can prevent road accidents by overriding the natural limitations of our eyes and brain Explained here […]

21 Apr, 2015 webadmin

Motorbike mayor on a mission

Bertrand Cadart, the beautifully mustachioed mayor of Glamorgan Spring Bay in Tasmania is doing the Black Dog ride the red centre to raise funds and awareness to help battle depression – an enemy he knows all too well. Watch Here http://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/the-project/extra/season-7/motorbike-mayor-on-a-mission

21 Apr, 2015 webadmin

AMAQ-Ride Australian Motorcycle Academy

Getting your motorcycle licence is fast, easy and fun with the Q Ride Gold Coast team at Australian Motorcycle Academy! Find them here  Website  & Facebook

20 Apr, 2015 WebAdmin

Practice road rules (knowledge) test.

This online service allows you to practice your general, motorcycle and heavy vehicle tests. The questions used in these tests are similar to the questions used on the real tests. Before taking any of the practice road rules tests, make sure you have read Your Keys to Driving in Queensland. You should also read the […]

20 Apr, 2015 WebAdmin

Survival Tips for Riding in City Traffic

This is from a Gentleman in Denver so makes the changes necessary for using in Australia. Survival Tips for Riding in City Traffic READ MORE HERE.  

16 Apr, 2015 WebAdmin

Motorcycle deaths surge 10 News

What news report on this link Motorcycle deaths surge 10 News  

13 Apr, 2015 WebAdmin

Travel Happy, Share the Road

No matter what State or Territory you find yourself this message is for all road users Travel Happy, Watch Share the Road Here. 

9 Apr, 2015 WebAdmin

Palaszczuk Government establishes Safer Roads, Safer Queensland forum.

Police and road safety experts will meet with Queensland Government Ministers this week for top level talks on road safety.The state’s peak road safety organisations – RACQ and CARRS-Q – will join other key stakeholders at the Safer Roads, Safer Queensland forum to discuss ways to address the unacceptable Easter road toll on the state’s […]

7 Apr, 2015 WebAdmin

It’s Economics, Stupid! Why Motorcycle Lane Filtering is Becoming More Accepted.

No one likes commuting in traffic but if you have no choice but to face the morning and afternoon rush hour, there’s no better way to do so than on a motorcycle. Being maneuverable and small, a motorcycle can squeeze into the gaps separating cars and get to the front of the queue in a […]

27 Mar, 2015 WebAdmin

Eyes Closed At 265 km/h

Imagine riding a motorcycle at over 265 km/h with you eyes closed ! Thats exactly what motoDNA Athlete Ben Felten will be doing as he attempt’s to break the World Record for the fastest speed riding a motorcycle whilst blindfolded,  only Ben is completely blind.Check out Ben and his Blind Speed Team’s journey as captured by Daily […]

24 Mar, 2015 WebAdmin

Call for lane filtering ad campaign

Riders and their representatives have called for an education campaign for all motorists to alert them to the new rules about lane filtering.The call comes after some isolated incidents of road rage by drivers who did not realise lane filtering is now legal in NSW, Queensland and the ACT where it is under a two-year […]

16 Mar, 2015 WebAdmin

Check this out and be safe out there.

Welcome to 131940 The 131940 Traffic and Travel Information website exists to assist road users to make informed travel choices. This means providing accurate, timely and relevant traffic and road condition information to help all motorists make informed travel decisions, reduce the disruption caused by incidents, and minimise the effects of congestion. More Info Here

19 Feb, 2015 WebAdmin

Helmet forum may solve varied laws

There are mixed emotions about the ability of a national helmet forum today (February 19) to resolve the confusing helmet standards across the nation and the varied interpretations by law enforcement. Standards Australia has invited members of the public to participate in the helmet forum in Sydney to discuss changes to helmet laws (and MotorbikeWriter […]

19 Feb, 2015 WebAdmin

Helmet forum fails to resolve issues

A national motorcycle helmet forum has failed to reach any resolutions nor give riders any clear indication of what is a legal helmet or whether tinted visors and helmet cameras are legal. Today’s forum was convened by Standards Australia and included representatives of state and federal governments, road safety groups, certifiers, retailers, distributors, importers and […]

19 Feb, 2015 WebAdmin

Road rules needed for helmets cams, visors

The Motorcycle Council of NSW has called for national road rules on helmet use that are separate to the current helmet standards so riders know where they stand on issues such as tinted visors and helmet cams. Vice-chair Dr Bruce Campbell says the Australian product safety standard system for helmets “is broke”. “What pisses riders […]

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Psychological studies say it’s the rider on the right. We find out why Why faster is safer Mr slow and steady doesn’t always win the race. In fact, he’s more likely to pay so little attention to the race that he makes a foolish mistake and crashes. By applying proven psychological rules to riding, Bike […]

23 Jan, 2015 WebAdmin

Sharing Our Roads… It’s a Two Way Street.

Watch Video Here and please remember to share our roads and pay attention.

23 Jan, 2015 WebAdmin

Ammendment to ADR Motorcycle Mudguard.

The Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development has approved an amendment to Australian Design Rule (ADR) 42/04 to remove the requirement for rear mudguard extensions for motorcycles, though front and rear mudguards are still required.                                                  Requirements here…….

18 Nov, 2014 WebAdmin

Sharing the road with motorcyclists – Mick Doohan

With the help of Moto GP champion Mick Doohan, we’ve released this video educating motorists on safely sharing the road with motorcyclists. Tips for sharing the road with motorcyclists include always checking your blind spots and mirrors, being aware motorcycles can accelerate quickly and giving them plenty of room. Watch Video Here.

6 Nov, 2014 WebAdmin

Changes to motorcycle laws

The MRAQ wishes to advise all motorcyclists of the upcoming changes to the laws on Lane Filtering, Vehicle Control and Helmets as contained in the attached link. The association has been been working on having these laws revised for a considerable time and it is pleasing to get a response that represents common sense. It […]

31 Oct, 2014 WebAdmin

Ride smart. Read the road.

This motorcycle video demonstrates ways to avoid dangerous situations by using several safety techniques when riding. Watch Video Here. Ride smart. Read the road. This motorcycle video demonstrates ways to avoid dangerous situations by planning ahead and reading the road Watch Video Here.

27 Oct, 2014 WebAdmin

New app released for Rego Sticker Liberation Day.

Today 1st October Checking your car registration status will be simple for Queensland drivers following the release of a new app to coincide with Rego Sticker Liberation Day. Assistant Minister for Public Transport Steve Minnikin said that from today Queenslanders could rip off their sticky registration labels for good. “Cutting red tape for Queenslanders is […]

21 Oct, 2014 WebAdmin

Safety in numbers: G20 leaders call for more motorcycle riders.

At the G20 meeting, world leaders have called for improved safety for motorcycle riders by getting more riders on the roads. This mockumentary news report has an important safety message behind it. Research has shown that having more riders on the roads increases the awareness and visibility of riders by motor vehicle drivers. This reduces […]

15 Oct, 2014 WebAdmin

Jan “PINKIE” Moorby

It is with a sad heart i have to inform you of the passing of Jan “Pinkie” Moorby she passed at 4am this morning in the arms of her devoted husband Kiwi. For those that may not know Pinkie she was the Secretary of the MRAQ for a few years and a great little ambassador […]

1 Oct, 2014 WebAdmin

Scooters: the way forward for Australia’s traffic congestion problem

Motorcycle and scooter use is climbing – we should embrace the trend and think about its potential to boost productivity in cities by reducing traffic congestion. An old friend of mine recently bought a Vespa Italian scooter to ride to work in the city. He’s a married man with a family – not a young […]

24 Sep, 2014 WebAdmin

Bikers last moments caught on head cam – David’s story: Road safety campaign.

Hard-hitting footage of a fatal collision in Norfolk has been released by police. Hard-hitting footage of a fatal collision in Norfolk has been released by police in a bid to get motorcyclists and drivers to think seriously about road safety. Viewers are warned that this video contains content which some may find distressing, but it does […]

16 Sep, 2014 WebAdmin

Motorcycles and the Liberal Democrats

MRAQ wished there were many more politicians that understand and can see how motorcycles and scooters help in many ways. Why are motorcyclists treated so badly? What could be improved? And what are you going to do about it? Watch Video Here.

12 Sep, 2014 WebAdmin

MRAQ AGM Results 2014

MRAQ AGM Results. The MRAQ AGM resulted in changes to the committee. The new executive committee are: President: Chris Mearns Vice President: Steve Prickle Clancy Secretary: Steve Prickle Clancy Treasurer: Stewart Stevenson We would like to thank the previous committee for their fantastic efforts over the past 12 months.  We also welcome the new committee […]

9 Sep, 2014 WebAdmin

Lane Filtering NSW

If you tour this great land of ours , it may just pay to freshen up on what is different to our home state. Wanna know exactly what you can and can’t do under the NSW Filtering Laws? Here’s what you need to know. Please share far and wide with your motorcycling friends. CLICK HERE […]

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Notice of MRAQ AGM 2014

Notice of AGM The MRAQ hereby advises that it will be holding the MRAQ AGM on the 9th September 2014 at the meeting place details can be found on our website under meetings.

13 Aug, 2014 WebAdmin

QLD is a step closer to filtering.

In the wake of the strong response to QLD’s Motorcycle discussion paper, QLD Minister Scott Emerson seems to be favourable towards motorcycle filtering and a change to both the road rules and helmet laws. Well done to MRAQ for their role in this outcome! Well done to those who took the time to respond. For […]

14 Jul, 2014 WebAdmin

In-depth investigations of accidents involving powered two wheelers.

In-depth investigations of accidents involving powered two wheelers. The collection and analysis of the MAIDS research project data would not have been possible without the active support and contribution of the following people: Read More Here.

16 Apr, 2014 WebAdmin

Casual riders complain of harassment

The state opposition says the public is entitled to question the heavy-handed approach of police to recreational motorcyclists.On Friday, Opposition police spokesman Bill Byrne received 10,000 signatures on a petition from casual motorcyclists complaining about harassment by police cracking down on outlaw motorcycle cycle gangs.”The government members and the ministers who spoke on the bill […]

13 Nov, 2013 WebAdmin

Recreational riders furious over bikie war.

MOTORCYCLISTS have compared the way the Queensland government’s anti-bikie laws have impacted on innocent riders to the Nazi’s treatment of the Jewish people.The Queensland opposition has been handed a petition carrying the signatures of 10,000 people who are furious about the crackdown’s impact on innocent riders. Petition organiser and journalist Mark Hinchcliffe says ordinary motorcyclists […]

1 Nov, 2013 WebAdmin

Hotline to advise police of your ride

MRAQ would like to remind you this not compulsory to advice police of your ride. Motorcycle riders will now have to ring a police hotline number if they want to ride in groups of three or more in peace. That is the preposterous proposal given to recreational riders today at an hour-long meeting with Queensland […]

31 Oct, 2013 WebAdmin

Queensland Police will scrutinize any bike riders traveling in threes under new laws.

THREE or more motorcyclists riding together will face police scrutiny regardless of whether they belong to an outlaw gang under laws before State Cabinet today. The move has angered recreational bikers, who have branded them “ridiculous”. Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie yesterday confirmed that riders would not have to be in club colours to warrant police attention […]

8 Oct, 2013 WebAdmin

Motorcyclists start campaign to ease traffic congestion and improve safety

Australia’s motorcycling community has joined forces with road safety advocates Maurice Blackburn in an online-campaign to urge State and Territory Governments to give the green light to ‘lane filtering’ to ease traffic congestion. In a video released Monday 7 October 2013 (see here http://youtu.be/wSRY7RxMF1g), the practice of lane filtering – which is legal in many […]

7 Oct, 2013 WebAdmin

MRAQ AGM Results 2013

MRAQ AGM Results. The MRAQ AGM resulted in changes to the committee. The new executive committee are: President: Chris Mearns Vice President: Steve Prickle Clancy Secretary: Steve Prickle Clancy Treasurer: Stewart Stevenson We would like to thank the previous committee for their fantastic efforts over the past 12 months.  We also welcome the new committee […]

10 Sep, 2013 WebAdmin

Motorcyclists escape speed camera detection by not having front registration plate.

THOUSANDS of motorcycles are escaping detection by speed cameras because they don’t have a front registration plate – but a new weapon in the police arsenal is set to change that. Figures obtained by The Courier-Mail show in the last year 2062 motorcycles were unable to be identified despite being caught on mobile and fixed […]

23 Aug, 2013 WebAdmin

Notice of AGM

The MRAQ hereby advises that it will be holding the MRAQ AGM on the 10 September 2013 at the meeting place details can be found on MRAQ website.

31 Jul, 2013 WebAdmin

Anthony Albanese sees motorbike and scooter riders as the big hope to ease city traffic congestion.

MOTORCYCLE riders aren’t all hairy marauders causing trouble. To the Government they are more likely to be two-wheeled benefactors adding to the quality of city life. And Transport Minister Anthony Albanese is a big fan of big bikes and cute scooters, today talking up their roles “in the transport ecology of our cities”. “Scooters and […]

26 Jun, 2013 WebAdmin

Is It Illegal To Park Your Bike On The Footpath?

“Can I park my motorbike on a pedestrian footpath? I see other bikes parked outside my street all the time,” enquires Lifehacker reader Anonibiker. The answer depends on a number of factors, including where you live, the diligence of parking inspectors in your area and whether you’re brave enough to take a gamble… In most […]

5 Mar, 2013 WebAdmin

Motorbike road safety campaign axed.

AN award-winning road safety campaign backed by five-time world champion Mick Doohan has been axed by the Gold Coast City Council. The Safe Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training (SMART) courses were scrapped in budget cuts, with the council saying road safety was not part of its “core business”. The program has been a road safety success, […]

5 Mar, 2013 WebAdmin


The only thing that stops you doing something, is your mind LIVE YOUR DREAM. Watch Video Here.  

5 Mar, 2013 WebAdmin

Licence for road chaos.

The 4 wheeled road users see it as riders are getting in-front of them mentality, as was stated in the Victorian Motorcycle Safety Inquiry there needs to be attitude change to convince and allow them to see what filtering means to the over all traffic flow We the riders need to be the ambassadors in […]

14 Dec, 2012 WebAdmin

RACQ TV – Driver Distraction

Driver distraction is one of the biggest issues on Queensland roads today. The latest research shows that 88 percent of RACQ’s 1.2 million members believe it’s a bigger problem now than it was five years ago. In this episode of RACQ TV, we take a closer look at what driver distraction is by identifying the […]

11 Dec, 2012 WebAdmin

Road age is working against born-again bikers

Road age is working against born-again bikers IT’S a refrain commonly repeated by the people who prepare motorcyclists for the road: to die on a motorbike, it’s not necessary to be either young or stupid. An analysis of 25 years of road-toll data ahead of a parliamentary report into motorcycle safety to be tabled in […]

11 Dec, 2012 WebAdmin

Transport hell: Move to copy scooter-mad Italy

For the first time motorcycle riders have been praised by a federal minister and a federal government report for helping make our cities nicer places to live in. And in part this is because Transport Minister Anthony Albanese took a trip to Italy. Australia’s 700,000 motorbike and scooter riders were saluted in the Government’s State […]

5 Dec, 2012 WebAdmin

Victorian Protest Rally.

The are the videos of the day for posterity sake MRAQ posted. Victorian Protest Rally – Part 1 of 4 Victorian Protest Rally – Part 2 of 4 Victorian Protest Rally – Part 3 of 4 Victorian Protest Rally Part 4 of 4    

5 Nov, 2012 WebAdmin

MRAQ AGM Results 2012.

MRAQ AGM Results. The MRAQ AGM resulted in changes to the committee. The new executive committee are: President: Chris Mearns Vice President: Steve Prickle Clancy Secretary: Jan Birch Treasurer: Stewart Stevenson We would like to thank the previous committee for their fantastic efforts over the past 12 months.  We also welcome the new committee into […]

5 Sep, 2012 WebAdmin

Notice of AGM

The MRAQ hereby advises that it will be holding its AGM at the next meeting on the 5th of September 2012

10 Aug, 2012 WebAdmin


The MRAQ Committee would like to set the record straight about a newspaper article in the Courier Mail 5th May 2012 which contained incorrect information and makes outrageous inferences. The MRAQ is an independent stand alone Association that is a voice for all riders. The MRAQ is not and never will be influenced by any Clubs, Businesses or Organisations. The MRAQ is an […]

19 May, 2012 WebAdmin

What is happening in the MRAQ.

The MRAQ committee would like explain the current issues that are being targeted. The two main issues are proposals for 1) O% BAC for ALL motorcyclists, for which there is currently a study underway by Monash University on how to implement that is being funded by the Qld. Transport & Main Roads Dept. and 2) […]

8 May, 2012 WebAdmin

Executive positions filled.

MRAQ required at the March Meeting to fill the vacancy’s of President, Vice President and Membership Officer as the people holding these positions all resigned, these  positions were filled as votes were taken the positions are now filled the President  Chris Mearns, VP  Steve Clancy and Treasuer Stewart Stevenson.

7 May, 2012 WebAdmin

Awareness of Our Riding Future 29th April 2012

There will be speakers advising what is happening regarding the Hi-Vis issue, 0% Blood Alcohol Concentration only for motorcyclists, the predicted Rego increase, Helmets Standards…..and a lot of other issues that will involve US the motorcyclist. Please come and hear what the Government and the Queensland Transport & Main Roads have on there agendas, be […]

18 Apr, 2012 WebAdmin

AGM Results 2010

A new MRAQ committee has been elected following the recent AGM. The new MRAQ Executive committee is: President: Bill Payne Vice President: Garth Hamilton Secretary: Jan Birch Treasurer: Roy Packer Membership: Linda Quinn

2 Dec, 2010 WebAdmin

Notice of AGM 2010

The MRAQ hereby advises that it will be holding an AGM in December 2010 This event will be held at the Lord Stanley Hotel at 7:30 PM on December 8.

29 Oct, 2010 WebAdmin

2010 Toy Run

Hard to believe but it is almost that time of year again! This years run is on Sunday 5th December and will leave from Nudgee College (time TBC) and finish at Drevesen Park Wynnum. The Lord Mayor Campbell Newman will be in attendance at the start location. Please note that Qld Motorways and GoVia have […]

10 Oct, 2010 WebAdmin

2009 Toy Run (Updated)

Its that time again! The 2009 Toy Run is on Sunday 6th December, 2009. This years run leaves from Nudgee College (10am) and finishing at the Murrarie Recreation Reserve on Wynnum Road on Sunday Dec 6. You can view the route map here. A flyer is available for download from here. Or you can downoad the […]

30 Nov, 2009 WebAdmin

2009 AGM Results

The MRAQ AGM resulted in changes to the committee. The new executive committee are: President: Dennis Chester Vice President: Bruce Gaskin Secretary: Jan Birch Treasurer: Chris Beek We would like to thank the previous committee for their fantastic efforts over the past 12 months.  We also welcome the new committee into their roles and look […]

23 Nov, 2009 WebAdmin

Australia’s love for motorcycles continues to grow.

Motorcycle popularity in Australia continued to grow at a faster rate than any other vehicle type in the twelve months to March 2009, with registrations up by 10.0%, according to figures released by the ABS. Motorcycle (including scooter) registrations have increased by 57.5% over the five years to 2009, according to figures released today by […]

23 Nov, 2009 WebAdmin

QLD Motorcycle Safety Strategy Released

Queensland Transport have released the Queensland Motorcycle Safety Strategy 2009-2012. This strategy has come about from the work of the MRAQ, other motorcycle stakeholders and Queensland Transport via the Motorcycle Safety Working Group. The results of your comments to the recent QT consultation paper have also played a big part in the development of this document. More […]

18 May, 2009 WebAdmin

MRAQ makes a submission to the latest Travelsafe Inquiry

The MRAQ has completed and sent in its submission to the latest Travelsafe Committee Inquiry: Smart Growth & Transit Oriented Development to Reduce Car Dependency in Queensland. We expect that our submission will be uploaded to the Inquiry website. When it is we will provide a link to the document here. Watch this space…

4 Feb, 2009 WebAdmin

Qld Govt Releases New Motorcycle Safety Package.

The Queensland Premier, Hon. Anna Bligh and the Hon. John Mickel have released information on a new safety package which aims to improve rider safety in Qld.  The details can be found on this media statement here. The MRAQ will provide a full response to this release shortly.

12 Nov, 2008 WebAdmin

Top 20 OECD Conference Motorcycle Countermeasures.

The recent OECD Motorcycle Conference held in Lillehammer has developed a list of the top 20 countermeasures to imporve the safety of the global population of 313 million powered two wheelers. 20 TOP PRIORITIES from the WORKSHOP ON MOTORCYCLING SAFETY – Session 4 COUNTER MEASURES: 1. Training Develop a tiered approach to motorcycle training which […]

25 Jun, 2008 WebAdmin

MRAQ Rally

The MRAQ will again be holding a rally from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of June at the Dayboro Show Grounds. A map of the location is available HERE (The site is visible to the left of point B, which is the driveway entrance). There will be live music, hot showers, raffles, bar, silly games […]

21 Feb, 2008 WebAdmin

Safer Riding Through Workplace Safety Groups.

Motorcycling is an important and an increasingly popular form of transport but unfortunately one that carries an increased casualty risk compared to other forms of transport. For many years the authorities who are responsible for road safety have paid very little attention to making motorcycling safer. Thankfully, this has changed over the past couple of […]

21 Aug, 2007 WebAdmin

Queensland Motorcycle Safety Campaign Airs.

Transport Minister Hon Paul Lucas and Queensland Transport have released a motorcycle specific advertising campaign aimed at increasing awareness. The campaign provides a simple message encouraging motorists and motorcycle riders to share the road. Riders are asked to keep in sight, while motorists are asked to do shoulder checks, look for riders in their rear […]

27 Jul, 2007 WebAdmin

Ian Mathers: Rest In Peace

It is with a heavy heart we inform you that previous MRAQ Vice President and committed motorcycle advocate, Ian Mathers passed away on Saturday 26th May at 11:32pm after a relatively short battle with illness. Ian was an avid motorcyclist who liked nothing more than going for a ride with a close group of friends. […]

27 May, 2007 WebAdmin

I’ll-considered young rider law passes through Parliament.

The Queensland Government’s proposed young rider law has passed through Parliament without any evidence to suggest that young rider crashes and fatalities will be reduced. The new law which will be introduced from July, will force young people who wish to obtain a motorcycle learners permit to first hold a car license for a period […]

26 Feb, 2007 WebAdmin